The versatile personality of Ara Chackerian

Research and development will always be a part of what Ara Chackerian is doing with his time. He does most of his activities with a very selfless mindset. Mostly, if not always, he is trying to be of assistance to the people around him. Currently, for instance, he is actively involved in creating awareness on a new method that he and his colleague discovered for improving mental health. This new method is using transcranial magnetic stimulation.


Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur, an investor, and a philanthropist. People might not realize how much of a philanthropist he is until they take a keen look at the reasons why he carries out the activities that he does. The one that most reflects his profile as a philanthropist is the fact that he runs non-profit organizations in Armenia, Nicaragua, and the United States.


All the institutions he runs within these regions are usually for the sole purpose of empowering the youth. So, evidently, he is more than just a philanthropist when the youthful population is concerned. Ara doubles up as a mentor and a role model for most of them. Having attended the Florida State University, he must have interacted with people and learned so much about the youth, that he is currently able to relate with them. For more details visit LinkedIn.


He is also an investor, and mostly in the past, he has chosen to invest in start-up companies within the field of healthcare. This is afield he has engaged in for the past twenty years and he must have gained a considerable amount of experience then. That way, apart from just investing financial resources, he can also be able to be of assistance in form of ideas. Check out



Just investing in start-ups does not mean that Ara Chackerian is not interested in having his own creations in form of companies or business. Ara is actually a very successful entrepreneur. One of his popular ventures is Limonapa Teak, which is a company that he founded to help in conservation of the environment through tree planting. He is also the founder of CREA Nicaragua and JUMA ventures which concentrate on the intellectual development of the youth.


Rocketship Education: A Better Solution for Education

Education can be seen as one of the core principles of life. Many people have said that the path to college begins in kindergarten. This notion rings true on so many levels, but every child doesn’t have the opportunity or can’t build a rock-solid educational base. By not doing so, this creates a learning gap amongst the students. This is where Rocketship Education comes into the frame, and it has revolutionized the game. Rocketship Education is basically a chain of charter schools that operate at the elementary level. The school was actually founded back in 2006, and it’s headquartered in Redwood City, California.

As of today, RE operates via five schools in and around the San Jose region. Unleashing the potential is what this school is all about. Rocketship Education believes that every child can go to college whether it’s a two-year community college, or it’s a four-year university. This phenomenal school has grown into somewhat of a system as it’s looking to expand into other regions of the US. Technology is heavily involved in the teaching process, and this technology has worked wonders with the students. Advanced-mathematical programs such as Dreambox Learning can actually adapt to the student’s level of knowledge, and it’s used for children who range from kindergarten to eight grade. Equatia is another fine math program that focuses on fluency.

When it comes to standardized testing, the students who completed some of Rocketship Education’s math programs scored up to 3 percent better. In some of the other testing areas, some of the student scored even higher. That’s right! This goes to show that computer-based programs have a place within any school’s curriculum. Studies show that the recommended hours spent for the DreamBox program is between 60 – 90 minutes per week. Rocketship Education tends to spend around 44 minutes on the same program, and it has helped to produce outstanding results. This only scratches the surface for what this school can do, but bigger things are in the works for the near future.

Madison Street Capital Reputation is Helping Companies Face the Truth and Improve in Ways They Did Not Know were Possible

Madison street capital has been able to establish relationship with market investment banking firms they allow them to share their experience and knowledge of how to handle themselves as firms that want to be taken seriously and continue to grow and their relationships with their clients Medicine street capital has a large and massive array of professional they have the ability to help almost any unique client be able to India for briot capitalization structure in financing necessary to operate any corporation’s finances and advise in mergers and acquisitions so that businesses have smooth operating procedures.


It can be tough for new start up companies and often even long established companies to find capital funds. The typical walking into a bank and asking for a business loan just isn’t in the cards anymore and those trying to conduct other forms of transactions such as selling a business are often left in the dark as well. More and more of the financial industry is working under a cloak of confidentiality reluctant to discuss business failures or successes these days. So to benefit it will takes a knowledgeable and well respected third party to pave the way for any meaningful financial dealings but with transparency such a rarity how do you know who to trust?


The Madison Street Capital reputation is in their integrity. A true key in this business industry which is why they go above and beyond any required legal disclosures. Clients must absolutely 100 percent understand the nature of the relationship. Madison Street Capital education forms a large part of their job, many clients are unfamiliar with the financial and investment world they don’t even know some key services exist most CEO’s do not understand their true value of their own business. At the core of their business most companies do not differ from each other as much and the leaders thinks they are experts in all fields. Financial advisors must gain a thorough understanding of the client’s business model. The true value is from the perspective on or just understanding their business from the outside in. Madison Street Capital believes in dishing out tough love as most top executives are not told harsh realities.


No one is willing to tell them when they are wrong. yet even at the risk of losing their business or potential client. With Madison Street Capital they will tell the prospect of client what they need to hear rather than tip to around the professionals. Striving to make every prospect of client leave the encounter better off for having been there whether they end up hiring the company or not the client will have heard the best possible advice regardless of whether it was a comfortable thing to hear. Madison Street Capital is changing the consulting industry one truth word at a time.


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Vinod Gupta improves Information Technology

Vinod Gupta was a successful businessman from India. He ventured into entrepreneurship world turning most of the banks into big companies for giving loans. Gupta realized an existing gap in business enterprises and started working towards closing it. He became the Chief Executive Officer of the infoUSA company and also acquired other different companies.

Vinod Gupta created a way to the field of modern technology which spread all over the world. His investment institutions offered capital to startup technologies and database. He also closed the financial gap between the struggling companies involved in information technology. In this way, he ensured success to the companies venturing into the world of modern technology.

Vinod Gupta created job opportunities to both lower and middle-class citizens in India. He once had a talk with the former president of India on the practices of hiring residents. Through his organizations, Gupta donated resources to schools and health organizations.

Vinod came up with the idea of infoGROUP and Everest Group after being employed by Commodore Corporation which dealt with manufacturing of mobile homes. He worked as a researcher in the marketing sector and a compiler of lists to mobile dealers in the United States.

Vinod came up with an idea of investing in marketing by use of direct mail. This investment targeted all the businesses that would be advantaged by the technique. The orders from his clients kept on increasing hence recognizing the need for technology in the industry. Read more about Vinod Gupta on Vinod Gupta: Indian-born American Businessman, Investor, and Philanthropist.


Other companies grew up under the management of infoGROUP. Their growth gave Vinod enough experience in the fields he had implemented and developed. He learned new ways of doing his work and perfected on the previous methods. He was able to increase incomes of the companies. Visit This Page for more information.

Everest group was naturally founded out of the expertise that he had acquired in supporting niche database technology realm worldwide. Vinod became productive and offered advice to planners and individuals who manage companies. Everest Company and infoGROUP received more companies under the sector background checks, digital printing, and operations platforms.


National Steel Car Leadership

Gregory James Aziz name is very common in the car manufacturing department. The businessman is the chairman, president and chief executive officer of a leading car manufacturing company called National Steel Car. National Steel Car is found in Hamilton, Ontario, and it is very popular among car enthusiasts in the world because of the high-quality cars it likes offering the customers. National Steel Car is also respected because of the engineering services it has been giving its customers. While people always say that car manufacturing companies have high competition, National Steel Car has been leading the game, and it has shown consumers in the global platform that it has all the products they need.


1Most of the car companies that are available in the market have been here for decades, and they have already acquired a name in the market. New companies have to face challenges before people can know the kind of products they are offering. National Steel Car has been fortunate because its customers are already aware that they are only given the best companies by the Canadian company. Gregory J Aziz is the influential and respected company leader who has been giving consumers their heart desires. Aziz joined National Steel Car decades ago just like all the other ordinary employees in the institutions. However, unlike most of the other institutions in this company, National Steel Car likes giving its employees opportunities to showcase their talents.


When Gregory Aziz was offered an employment opportunity in National Steel Car, the executive team in the company noticed several great qualities about him. First of all, the businessman had all the finance expertise the organization was looking for. Aziz had studied the Canadian market for a while after working in banking institutions, and he was very hard working. The company decided that they could offer the businessman several promotions so that he could reach his career goals. Get Additional Information Here.


With time, Gregory J Aziz was offered the position of company president and chief executive officer because everyone was sure that the company was going to perform well under him. Aziz, on his part, has been the pillar that holds the car manufacturing company together. While serving as a leader, James Aziz has worked with dedication to show the world that his company has nothing but the best products and services. Gregory Aziz has also been committed to the responsibilities he is given by the company over the years.


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Jose Hawilla Is A Highly Reputable Businessman

Are you considering starting a business and want to know the secrets of success? Do you want to learn about highly sought after entrepreneurs and what they do to achieve success? Maybe you are interested in reading about Jose Hawilla a top rated businessman in Brazil.


Many people want to find out what works and what doesn’t before they go into business. In fact, it is always advisable to do your research and be sure you are on the right track.


If you study a successful entrepreneur like Jose Hawilla, you will find that he does things in a certain way, which enables him to get the results he desires. Entrepreneurs come up with ideas and then take action in order to create products and services that benefit consumers.

Jose Hawilla is a leading entrepreneur and he has great reputation around the world. He has been in business for many decades and his vast knowledge can really benefit you in your own situation. All you need to do is listen to his advice or presentation, and you will have a chance to follow in his footsteps.


Jose Hawilla has created vast fortunes due to the way he does business. He is an honest person and he believe in treating people with respect. He encourages others to be transparent in their dealings with customers, clients and associates.


Jose Hawilla has powerful strategies and outlines the tactics and techniques to accomplish them. He surrounds himself with the right team. His team is comprised of professionals and experts in business and related fields. These are individuals who are focused on making their projects work, and remove any hindrances or distractions to their ultimate goals.


It is also important to keep in mind that Jose Hawilla and other successful entrepreneurs have a habit of immersing themselves in positive environments. You need to steer clear of environments that will help you to succeed. Avoid naysayers and all those who will want to drag you down. Instead, associate with people who are interested in seeing you achieve the success you desire.




Jim Larkin Founded Many Unions

As a founding union father, Jim Larkin knew what to do to make the unions better. He also knew there were things that would help him make sure things were getting better for all the people who worked in the area he was in. It was his goal of creating unions that allowed him the chance to reach more people than ever before. As long as Jim Larkin knew how to help others, he felt good about the work he did and the things he offered people when they were looking at different situations. As long as Jim Larkin felt good about how he could help, people would get the experiences they needed when they were working. There were so many things that went into creating unions and Jim Larkin knew they would continue getting the right opportunities if they did things the right way.


Between the hard work that everyone did and the things that helped them in different situations, Jim Larkin felt it was his goal of giving back that would allow the union to keep growing. There were times when Jim Larkin had to make sure things would keep getting better. Unions gave people a chance at protection from employers who were out to get them. The unions also showed people things would keep getting better as long as they knew how to try different things. As long as Jim Larkin was the leader of the unions, he could keep helping people out with all the issues they faced.


While the union wasn’t always the same as when Jim Larkin started helping, it continued growing and continued getting better. Now, people see Jim Larkin as someone who founded the union. They know he’s the only one who cared enough to get the union started. He risked his freedom and his life to make sure the unions survived. He felt it was his duty to make the unions better and make things easier for people to see they could do things the right way. Jim Larkin always wanted to make the union the best it could be as long as he was pushing things along.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: Leaving The Company To Start A New Beginning

This year, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will be retiring as the president of Bradesco Bank. The resignation from his post would happen in March 2018, and he will be replaced by Octavio de Lazari Junior, a young colleague of his. He will remain as the chairman of the board of executives until a new individual has been chosen for the post. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi stated that he knew Octavio de Lazari Junior very well, and he is confident that the new president of Bradesco Bank will continue some of the programs that he initiated, bringing reforms inside the company. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Bradesco shared some of the highlights of his tenure as the company’s president and thanked everyone who became a part of his life.



Luis Carlos Trabuco Cappi Bradesco first started working with Bradesco Bank when he only turned 17 years old. He applied as a bank clerk, and he was surprised when he was hired by the company to do the job of a clerk. He happily accepted the post, saying that it was his dream to work with Bradesco Bank in the first place, and being hired feels so much better. As a bank clerk, he served the clients with dedication, and it was later noticed by his superiors which led to him being promoted to a managerial position. As a manager, additional responsibilities were added to his job description, but it did not stop Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi from achieving his goals in life. He would be later promoted to become the company’s president, and during this time, a lot of reform would take place.



Shortly after he was named as the next president of Bradesco Bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi immediately released information about the reforms that he wanted for the company. The changes were so drastic that it had to be reviewed by the company’s board of directors, but they too agreed to what Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi wanted to happen. He wanted to give more benefits to the company’s employees, and because of his compassion for his colleagues, they have respected him more, and he became a role model for everyone working at Bradesco Bank. Go To This Page for related information.



Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Bradesco’s greatest legacy was when he purchased HSBC Brazil for $5.2 billion. It was one of the costliest transactions in the history of Bradesco Bank, but according to Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the transaction will, later on, provide advantages and benefits to Bradesco Bank. He thanked the executives working for HSBC Brazil for signing the contract that he proposed, and now that they have acquired HSBC Brazil, Bradesco Bank’s value at the stock market suddenly rocketed. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi thanked all of the investors who went back on investing with Bradesco Bank.



Octavio de Lazari Junior, the successor of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, stated that he would be continuing the reforms enacted under the leadership of the former president. He is a fan of the actions committed by Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, saying that it would be his inspiration when he starts his post early in 2018.




Gregory Aziz’s Dedication To Growing The Community Of Hamilton, Ontario Through National Steel Car’s Growth

1National Steel Car is currently led by Gregory James Aziz. Mr. Aziz has been a staple of the company since he first joined in the mid ‘90s.


The reason that Greg Aziz came to work for National Steel Car was highly fortuitous. He happened to be working in the fast-paced world of investment banking in New York City when National Steel Car came across his desk as a new customer, and that would eventually change the trajectory of his entire career.


Greg Aziz oversaw the merger that led to the purchase of National Steel Car back from a previous owner, DOFASCO. The leadership team at National Steel Car went so successfully that when the leadership team returned to Ontario they decided to make an offer for Mr. Aziz to join the company in a leadership capacity. Gregory J. Aziz decided to join the company and he became a part of National Steel Car’s leadership team.


Soon after Greg Aziz joined the team at National Steel Car, he made big waves as far as expansion of the company. Within less than five years he set out several waves of hiring openings. He successfully grew the company’s employee base from less than 1,000 to more than 2,000 people. This hiring wave was important, not only for National Steel Car, but for the community of Hamilton, Ontario. This influx of new jobs was a huge thing for Hamilton, Ontario. The community itself flourished because of the addition of over 1,000 great, new jobs that National Steel Car provided. It became a destination to move to and the economy soared with new jobs and new businesses blossoming due to the influx of new National Steel Car jobs.


In addition to the rapid increase in new jobs, Greg Aziz also rapidly increased the volume of steel freight railway cars being put out each year. He grew the number from just over 3,000 steel freight railway cars to more than 12,000 cars being produced each year. This growth in manufacturing of steel railway cars designed for freight transport was the facilitator that launched National Steel Car into becoming a global leader in the production of railway cars.


This was major, not only for National Steel Car, but for the entire community of Hamilton, Ontario. The community blossomed with the influx of new jobs. It also led to more new jobs and new businesses opening and became the deciding factor that launched Hamilton into the community it is today. Find Related Information Here.

Talk Fusion: Future of Emails

Adaptability has always been a make or break for businesses for all of human history. With the creation of the World Wide Web and email, suddenly one could send a letter instantaneously across huge tracts of land. No longer did a owner of a business have to wait weeks for a response from a buyer, or have response time slowed to a crawl in regards to competition. Now, with the rise of the IPad and the smart phone, video and picture messages have been becoming increasingly popular. Apps such as snapchat and skype have revolutionized how people can communicate. However, now this idea of video calling has reached the professional world.

Businesses and professionals are always looking for better ways to reach vendors or advertise, and with the help of an app called Talk Fusion, this may be become the new norm. The application launched in 2007, its goal being to help businesses to stay one step ahead of competition as well as increasing sales and ultimately profits. Along with video conferencing, the app also makes broadcasting and social networking services and products. Instead of simply emailing videos, the app instead allows you to upload the video to the app and allow certain people only to send it, as well as storing the video for future use. The email that is sent can be instantaneously watched, without need for redirection to another site or use of another application or program. A businesses possibilities with this program are endless, as one could draw a diagram right there in the video, or show a series of charts to an entire group of people without needing to be with them. A colleague who missed a meeting could just recieve the taped meeting in an email, instead of a lengthy email that is open to misinterpretation, or requires further explaining. From a marketing standpoint, a video call will allow an individual to better understand the message when they can see facial expressions, or tone of voice, rather than an expressionless and toneless series of characters that form words.

Overall, the very novelty of a video message will grab the attention of a recipient more than a regular email, and this is Talk Fusion’s true strength. An individual is able to engage with an audience that can actually see them far easier than a simple, blank piece of paper. This is a glimpse at the future of professional communications, and businesses will need to jump on this bandwagon soon, or be left in the dust instead. Learn more: