Dr. Saad Saad: The Surgeon Making A Difference Through Research And Philanthropy

Dr. Saad Saad has led an impressive career, right from the time he started working as a doctor to the point where he decided to retire and focus on other endeavors. Being a surgeon is hard work since it requires a lot of skill and dedication to the field and the profession in itself. Being a pediatric surgeon is even harder because of the intricacies that come along when operating on children. In spite of the challenges, Dr. Saad managed to push ahead to ultimately be known as one of the most renowned surgeons in the world.

Dr. Saad led an active life while growing up, traveling around from one place to another. He was born in Palestine, but because of the economic conditions that persisted there, moved along with his family to Kuwait, where he completed his schooling. Being an avid traveler, he decided to move to Egypt, this time for his education and to pursue a degree in medicine. This was something that proved to be a brilliant decision for Dr. Saad and was something that later on led him to better endeavors. After completing his education, he moved to London, this time, to complete his residency program under some of the most prestigious doctors in London. During this time, Dr. Saad realized that he was getting more and more interested in the field of pediatric surgery, which is when he decided to pursue this entirely. Even though he was working among some of the best, he wanted better for himself, which is when he moved one last time, to the United States, which is where he spent the entirety of his career. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/saad-saad-524707159/

Over the years, Dr. Saad grew as a surgeon and as a researcher. He had always been interested in the research side of surgery and decided to focus on that, along with performing the other endeavors while being a pediatric surgeon. This interest in research led him to formulate new surgical methods, which he later patented under his name. These methods have proven to be life-saving, and have also contributed to the medical field in general. These methods are now being used by doctors all over the world who look up to Dr. Saad and the developments that he has brought to pediatric surgery.

Dr. Saad has not only worked on his professional development but has also tried to contribute to philanthropic ventures using the skills that he has gained through the years. He has taken part in numerous medical missions, through which he has been able to provide surgeries to children all over the world. These medical missions have saved countless lives and have been able to provide life-saving treatments to children who cannot afford surgeries and who have no hope left.

Success Academy Gains a Lot of Attention

Eva Moskowitz is well aware of the zoning system and how this plays a terrible part in the outcome of the type of education that many students get. She believes that it is definitely unfair that students do not have access to a decent education because of their environment, and she wanted to give everyone the potential opportunity to excel beyond where they were. This is what she did with Success Academy.


She knew that in order for this to happen that there would have to be some adjustments in the way that people look at the school system as a whole. It would be easy for people to be critical of charter schools when they were on the outside looking in. If they did not know what was going on it became easier for them to focus on how the public school system should be ran.


Success Academy has certainly become a hot topic in New York. It is true that there are some adjustments that need to be made in the public school system, but people that have been in charter schools are aware that the environment is the main thing that is changing. It may not be the books or the actual content of the class, but the environment with the parent involvement changes. There’s also a change in the way that the students perceive their education because they are singled out and group into part of a school system where success is considered one of the perks of being part of Success Academy. All these things play a part in helping a child get to colllege. 


Success Academy definitely has students that are getting better grades than many students in public schools. This is really the thing that is making people take notice of Success Academy in the way that students are being groomed for their future. Education is a pivotal point in the life of children as they mature from teenagers to adults. Success Academy is the launch pad for teenagers that are trying to find a career path and build their knowledge base on the world.