Victoria Doramus Uses Her Personal Experience With Drug Addiction To Help Others


Victoria Doramus is an expert on the behavior and psychology related to drug addiction. She hit rock bottom before she realized she needed a 100 percent commitment and her friends in New York City to conquer her drug addiction. She went to a rehab in Arizona in 2011 for the first time. The drugs she was fighting were cocaine and Adderall. Both are extremely addictive. She learned her disease was difficult to deal with, but left the rehab optimistic after 45 days.

Victoria Doramus spent the next five years changing friends, jobs and states to no avail. She spent sixty days in a Connecticut rehab before realizing she would do whatever was required to beat her addiction. Despite support from her friends and tools, she knew without personal responsibility and resolve she would not recover. She went back to New York City in 2016 to conquer he addiction and show her mother she could succeed. Her mother was dying of cancer.

Victoria Doramus had another relapse and took the medication prescribed by the New York City doctors. She was left homeless in Manhattan with no friends or family. She realized she would not survive without a network. By January of 2017 she knew if she did not get help she would die. Get Additional Information Here.

She went to a Texan facility for treatment called Burning Tree. Their approach was methodical with no sympathy for relapse. She began each day with meditation and prayer at 5:45 a.m. Victoria Doramus stayed at Burning Tree for eight months prior to going to work for a Dallas halfway living house. She waited tables for four months and became self-sufficient. In December of 2017 she went to Tennessee to see her mother. The following January, she began donating her time to numerous non-profit organizations. Victoria Doramus’ background in market and creative media strategies is extensive. This benefits charities by drawing awareness to the problems in society.

Victoria Doramus is involved with Alcoholics Anonymous and wants to start a house of her own in Manhattan to help others. She has a personal understanding of drug addition, making her the perfect candidate to run an AA house.


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