Businessman Vinod Gupta Lists Traits To Become Successful


In a blog post from Medium, entrepreneur, businessman, and philanthropist Vinod Gupta lists 6 things that people can do to succeed in life. The article starts off with the businessman observing the misconception that people become famous and wealthy overnight although that is not what happens. It is a culmination of all the hard work and belief in oneself that gets to that point as he lists that he worked hard for many years before becoming successful in the business world.

Gazette Day published a story from Gupta; entitled “A Few Lessons In Business” which talks about lessons and insights in business for those willing to start their businesses should know.

The 1st tip that he lists for people to do is the unpopular one to take risks or chances as the businessman lists his own upbringing in a small Indian village without some common resources such as electricity, water, or vehicles. Gupta states that he believed in himself and attended the University of Nebraska with the mindset to make himself into something, despite all of the reasons and disadvantages in his life.

Vinod Gupta admits that his life would have been way different if he did not take the risks to pursue an education and leave India even though his family was there.

The second tip is to relax and take a needed break sometimes as we need to refuel but Vinod Gupta does believe in working hard and adding more to it. Any free time can be used to make oneself better as he did. Next is redefining success, in other words doing more than the basics and seeking more.

The next tip is to help others because it can come back to help in the future as Vinod Gupta reflects that he has donated money to peoples education in order to make the world a better place. See Related Link for additional information.

The philanthropist understands that work can come in the way of others values but he reminds people to stay close to the family and to make them a priority because it will make someone better and happier as a result.

And lastly, to follow the path and be happy as he lists successful people are happy.


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