Heather Parry, a Star is born

Heather Parry is the President of Live Nation Productions. Her company was involved in marketing “A Star is born,” one of the biggest films of the year. It features Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper as main actors. When asked about the film, Heather Parry said that it was amazing working with Bradley Cooper. When she heard that Cooper was going to direct the film, he called his agent to inform him about the news. Heather Parry asked the agent how her production company could get involved in the movie and suggested that they could market it because they had upcoming concert tours and festivals.

Heather Parry

Heather Parry is a driven individual who never let any opportunity pass. Live Nation Production has turned out “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, a Bad Boy Story,” a documentary about the life of Diddy Combs. Heather Parry commands attention anywhere she goes. Sean Diddy Combs describes her as someone who knows what she wants and does not stop until she gets it. He chose to work with her in the documentary because of her character and ability to offer good results. Heather Parry did not disappoint when she got the chance to work in the documentary and other projects. She is focused, brilliant and hungry to achieve big things.

Parry never gets comfortable where she is, and this has helped her advance her career in the industry. All of her works have unusual angles that makes them unique. In “Can’t stop, won’t stop” documentary, Parry was with Diddy at the time of rehearsal space when Lil Kim and Faith Evans came in. She quickly realized that it was not just a tour but also a reunion, a story about Bad Boy. She went from being MTV News anchor to a successful film producer. She has learned to utilize her status to promote the music film, “A Star is born.”

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