Charlamagne Tha God: Asking The Tough Questions


Charlamagne Tha God is known for being the controversial “question asker” on his hit radio show on IHeart Radio; “The Breakfast Club.” He has interviewed everyone from Justin Bieber to Jay-Z and held nothing back when it came to his interview question. Always digging deep and asking what his listeners want to know. Charlamagne chalks that up to being “a slightly obnoxious person,” when asked why he asks the type of questions he does, “I don’t even think about it.” Charlamagne likes to have authentic, real conversations with people.


Charlamagne The God made headlines and gained national attention from his interview with Kanye West a couple of months ago. It was a 40-minute interview with the rapper that was meant to answer a lot of questions on Kanye’s recent controversial messages. Some of the digs Charlamagne The God made were calling him “Kanye Kardashian,” saying his new album was “wack” and accusing him of being a hypocrite. Kanye said that he “takes the opportunity to look as stupid as possible.” See This Page for additional information.


People enjoy this type of interview style, not everyone is your friend and Charlamagne Tha God isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions. It was strategic, someone would say about the interview style of Charlamagne with Kanye. MTV2 was getting ready to announce that Charlamagne was getting his own late-night talk show in January called, “Charlamagne and Friends.” This was excellent publicity for the radio host.


Moving into television will be a slight change. People wonder if Charlamagne will go lighter on his guests. Historically comedians and talk show hosts get “nicer” as they get more famous. All we know is that Charlamagne is ready to “evolve and grow”. Charlamagne Tha God is definitely looking towards the future.


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