The Origin Story of WEN

Everyone knows about the very popular hair care brand for women, WEN by Chaz, but did you know that the creator of the product started in a salon before having his own brand? According to, before Chaz Dean began his journey with creating WEN, he began photography first and brought how he wanted hairstyles and makeup to be through that. Soon after that Chaz attended cosmetology school where he was able to bring out his unique side of hairstyles and makeup. During the time before creating his product, Chaz worked in a salon where he became highly looked at by management and asked to help create a deep conditioner for the salon’s hair care line.


Women want to have luxurious hair that is going to give the shine and softness. WEN hair care does not have the harsh chemicals added to the brand that will make your hair become dry and dull. It’s not going to lather up which takes from your natural oils that help promote shine and softness to your hair.


Who wouldn’t want to give up their heating style tools? A lot of women do I’m sure because it can get expensive. Combining the Cleaning Conditioner and The Anti-Frizz Crème will help you be able to ditch those heating style tools and be able to use WEN hair care and not need extra tools to add curls and use of flat irons which ultimately will damage your hair. Adding The Ant-Frizz crème will help give you 8-hour protection for your hair. Along with the 8-hour protection, it’ll also help keep your hair stronger when using heating style tools while having this product in your hair. WEN is about helping women get the style achievement they are looking for and having your hair nourished and strong while in the process. Wen products are available online on and on

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