Talk Fusion: Future of Emails

Adaptability has always been a make or break for businesses for all of human history. With the creation of the World Wide Web and email, suddenly one could send a letter instantaneously across huge tracts of land. No longer did a owner of a business have to wait weeks for a response from a buyer, or have response time slowed to a crawl in regards to competition. Now, with the rise of the IPad and the smart phone, video and picture messages have been becoming increasingly popular. Apps such as snapchat and skype have revolutionized how people can communicate. However, now this idea of video calling has reached the professional world.

Businesses and professionals are always looking for better ways to reach vendors or advertise, and with the help of an app called Talk Fusion, this may be become the new norm. The application launched in 2007, its goal being to help businesses to stay one step ahead of competition as well as increasing sales and ultimately profits. Along with video conferencing, the app also makes broadcasting and social networking services and products. Instead of simply emailing videos, the app instead allows you to upload the video to the app and allow certain people only to send it, as well as storing the video for future use. The email that is sent can be instantaneously watched, without need for redirection to another site or use of another application or program. A businesses possibilities with this program are endless, as one could draw a diagram right there in the video, or show a series of charts to an entire group of people without needing to be with them. A colleague who missed a meeting could just recieve the taped meeting in an email, instead of a lengthy email that is open to misinterpretation, or requires further explaining. From a marketing standpoint, a video call will allow an individual to better understand the message when they can see facial expressions, or tone of voice, rather than an expressionless and toneless series of characters that form words.

Overall, the very novelty of a video message will grab the attention of a recipient more than a regular email, and this is Talk Fusion’s true strength. An individual is able to engage with an audience that can actually see them far easier than a simple, blank piece of paper. This is a glimpse at the future of professional communications, and businesses will need to jump on this bandwagon soon, or be left in the dust instead. Learn more:

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