Talk Fusion: Future of Emails

Adaptability has always been a make or break for businesses for all of human history. With the creation of the World Wide Web and email, suddenly one could send a letter instantaneously across huge tracts of land. No longer did a owner of a business have to wait weeks for a response from a buyer, or have response time slowed to a crawl in regards to competition. Now, with the rise of the IPad and the smart phone, video and picture messages have been becoming increasingly popular. Apps such as snapchat and skype have revolutionized how people can communicate. However, now this idea of video calling has reached the professional world.

Businesses and professionals are always looking for better ways to reach vendors or advertise, and with the help of an app called Talk Fusion, this may be become the new norm. The application launched in 2007, its goal being to help businesses to stay one step ahead of competition as well as increasing sales and ultimately profits. Along with video conferencing, the app also makes broadcasting and social networking services and products. Instead of simply emailing videos, the app instead allows you to upload the video to the app and allow certain people only to send it, as well as storing the video for future use. The email that is sent can be instantaneously watched, without need for redirection to another site or use of another application or program. A businesses possibilities with this program are endless, as one could draw a diagram right there in the video, or show a series of charts to an entire group of people without needing to be with them. A colleague who missed a meeting could just recieve the taped meeting in an email, instead of a lengthy email that is open to misinterpretation, or requires further explaining. From a marketing standpoint, a video call will allow an individual to better understand the message when they can see facial expressions, or tone of voice, rather than an expressionless and toneless series of characters that form words.

Overall, the very novelty of a video message will grab the attention of a recipient more than a regular email, and this is Talk Fusion’s true strength. An individual is able to engage with an audience that can actually see them far easier than a simple, blank piece of paper. This is a glimpse at the future of professional communications, and businesses will need to jump on this bandwagon soon, or be left in the dust instead. Learn more:

Heal N Soothe, Herbal Supplement for Joint Pain

Whether you are having pain in your knees, hips, back or shoulders, there is now hope to relive the pain and get on with life. Heal N Soothe is an all natural solution to tolerating everyday pain and suffering, which can be caused by wear and tear, injury or osteoarthritis, but each creates excessive inflammation that causes more pain.

Heal N Soothe focuses on using systemic enzymes to reduce the inflammation, which allows the bone and joint to heal. These enzymes are released into the entire body, and they work to reduce inflammation in and around the joints, but they also fight inflammation throughout the body.

The enzymes also break down scar tissue, cleanse the blood and enhance the cardiovascular and immune system. Typical ingredients such as glucosamine and chondroitin aren’t included because Heal N Soothe adds certain herbs that are used for pain including Devils Claw, Turmeric, Bromelain, Papain, Boswellia, Rutin, Ginger, citrus flavonoids, and Mojave Yucca Root.

These ingredients have been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years around the world. Heal N Soothe has taken this unique combination of herbs, together with the systemic enzymes and created a formula that is designed to bring relief by taking the capsules just once a day. The average dose is taken at least a half an hour after eating or 45 mins from your next meal, so the enzymes are able to begin working in the body and aren’t busy digesting food, which is their primary purpose.

This incredible supplement consisting of Mother Nature’s nutrients is now available in a trial bottle for a short period of time for those who are experiencing consistent back and joint pain. Heal N Soothe is offering a 30-day supply free when you pay only shipping and handling at $4.95! This is an incredible free trial, but The Healthy Back Institute knows that Heal N Soothe is a spectacular product that will reduce inflammation while reducing pain naturally. The systemic enzymes are the basis of this new product, which will begin to produce benefits in less than two weeks. Get your free trial bottle now and see for yourself!

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Vinod Gupta’s Life and Career

Private equity firms are trying to make investors do well by doing good in the firm process of mitigating risky scenarios. Blackstone Group has a team lead by chief sustainability officer, Don Anderson who has worked with portfolio companies such as Equity Offices Properties Trust, and Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. His project is simple, the mission: turn off lights that are not being used in the buildings, control room temperatures, and reduce water wasting.
Vinod Gupta studied agricultural engineering, receiving his degree in 1967 from I.I.T., Kharagpur. He also studied at the University of Nebraska where he earned a degree in agricultural engineering under the leadership of Bill Splinter, who had visited I.I.T., Kharagpur. He received an engineering degree in 1969, spending two more years at University of Nebraska, Lincoln, earning a Master’s degree in business administration by 1971. He worked at Commodore Corporation in Omaha, as a manufacturer of mobile homes with 18 plants around the country.

At Commodore, his task was to get a list of every mobile home dealer in the United States, while buying lists from business list companies that existed at the time, which were incomplete as well as out of date. Vinod ordered 4,800 Yellow Pages phone directories and set out to write the list on his own with the help of the Yellow Pages as a resource. When he finished the list, Gupta gave Commodore the option of either paying $9,000 for the rights or receive it free on the condition that Gupta and his partner sell it to Commodore competitors. Commodore chose to let him sell it to competitors rather than buy it out. Gupta borrowed $100 from Ralston Bank, and in three weeks he got checks for $13,000 and $22,000 as he founded Business Research Services & American Business List as he quit working for Commodore in 1973.

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Jeff Herman Gives a Voice To Child Victims Act of New York

According to Herman Law in a recent blog post, an important Bill is being proposed in New York called “Child Victims Act (S.809)”, which would get rid of both criminal and civil statutes for sexual abuse cases in the state. In addition, this bill would also allow a one year window for time-barred civil action lawsuits up to 50 years old to be heard. The bill is being supported heavily by “New Yorkers Against Hidden Predators”, which is a coalition that fights against sexual predators. Cory Feldman, among others, is endorsing the bill in order to put pressure on the legislators to keep it circulating through the state senate.

Jeff Herman of Herman Law is a lawyer who specializes in sexual abuse. He grew up in Youngstown, Ohio before attending the University of Arizona. Jeff went on to Case Western Reserve University School of Law where he earned his Juris Doctorate in 1985 while serving as the Editor of the Journal of International Law. He is known for exposing the sexual abuse scandal in the Archdiocese of Miami as well as the Archdiocese of Denver by clergymen. Sexual abuse remains to be an issue which is highlighted in the case of the Child Victims act that is being pushed. The current statute of limitations for sexual abuse is about five years. The five year window begins at age 18 and goes on until age 23. Governor Andrew Quomo has listed this bill as a priority for him to pass through the state legislature. About 90.6% of New Yorkers support this bill.

As someone who specializes in sexual abuse cases Jeff Herman informs us about the importance of raising awareness of sexual abuse. For a long time, the statute of limitations have allowed for rapists and pedophiles to take advantage of youths around the country. The Child Victims Act is the latest step to combatting sexual abuse in the state of New York. This bill, if passed will bring more accountability to would be sexual abusers.

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National Steel Car And President Gregory Aziz

1Gregory James Aziz is the Chief Executive Officer, President and chairman of the company, National Steel Car which he purchased in 1994 from its then owner, DOFASCO. He took the company and basically rebuilt it from the ground up. He revamped everything from production numbers to factory size. By the time he had gone through and made the changes he thought necessary, he had invested a considerable amount of money and time into the company. It turned out to be well worth it in the end as the company took a great turn and started producing double the amount of rail cars and as a result had hired 2,400 more employees by the year 1999.


By that time, Greg Aziz had done what few people of his time had accomplished so far. He’d taken a small business operating on a low scale and turned into a company that began to operate as a large business competing, growing and even receiving awards on a continual basis. The company earned a reputation for its safety and efficiency and became Canada’s leading rail car company. Gregory James Aziz attributes much of his company’s success to his employees and his customers. He doesn’t have have any plans on stopping anytime soon. He will manage his company and continue to grow and expand it for as long as he can.


Along with being a thriving company, Greg Aziz also ensures his company contributes to charitable causes such as the Salvation Army just as he contributes with his own personal money to causes he believes are in the greatest need of help and support. Aziz is a great supporter of the community and though he is a chairman and chief executive officer, he does not operate solely around finances and wealth. He operates around people and helping others and has a earned a reputation for this over the years. Gregs’s background is in economics. He majored in them at the University of West Ontario when he was a young man. Find Additional Information Here.


It was with this background he was able to take not only National Steel Car but also his own family’s company in food distribution and create a success. With both, he hit the ground running and grew and expanded the companies into something that without his education and experience, would not have been possible. Greg Aziz is also a family man with a wife and two daughters who support his endeavors and he credits much of his success to them.


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Entrepreneur, Investor, Philanthropist, Meet Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian is a well-known entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist around the United States. He has many successful achievements as a businessman since first entering the industry roughly 20 years ago. Ara started right after graduating from college and earning his degree in marketing. After moving out to California, Ara Chackerian started up the company BMC Diagnostics and achieved a great deal of success from it as CEO for over five years.

Ara Chackerian has founded and co-founded various businesses over the years, including TMS Health Solutions, which is where a great deal of his focus resides today. Ara has always been interested in the medical side of things when it comes to business, aiming to invest in worthwhile treatments for mental health and digital healthcare. Check out to see more

It is always important that one takes the time to give back when they achieved a great deal of success and status, and Ara Chackerian has never let his success get the better of him. Over the years, Ara has supported many different organizations that are non-profit and aimed at helping various people throughout the community. Ara Chackerian says that he was brought up to think hard about life and the decisions he makes, which is part of what has enabled him to be so successful and make his ideas into reality. He hopes that his philanthropic efforts will help others grow from their life experiences.

According to Ara Chackerian, he doesn’t have a typical schedule involved with being a businessman and he is often described as whimsical. For Ara, challenging his mind and working on his visions take priority throughout his day, wherever that leads him. Ara also likes to coach others and help youth find their way in the world of entrepreneurs, readily giving out advice to those who need it. One of Ara’s greatest pieces of advice is to let go of emotions when it comes to business. Investing in a failing venture is poor decision making when it comes to being an entrepreneur.

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Dr. Saad Saad: The Surgeon Making A Difference Through Research And Philanthropy

Dr. Saad Saad has led an impressive career, right from the time he started working as a doctor to the point where he decided to retire and focus on other endeavors. Being a surgeon is hard work since it requires a lot of skill and dedication to the field and the profession in itself. Being a pediatric surgeon is even harder because of the intricacies that come along when operating on children. In spite of the challenges, Dr. Saad managed to push ahead to ultimately be known as one of the most renowned surgeons in the world.

Dr. Saad led an active life while growing up, traveling around from one place to another. He was born in Palestine, but because of the economic conditions that persisted there, moved along with his family to Kuwait, where he completed his schooling. Being an avid traveler, he decided to move to Egypt, this time for his education and to pursue a degree in medicine. This was something that proved to be a brilliant decision for Dr. Saad and was something that later on led him to better endeavors. After completing his education, he moved to London, this time, to complete his residency program under some of the most prestigious doctors in London. During this time, Dr. Saad realized that he was getting more and more interested in the field of pediatric surgery, which is when he decided to pursue this entirely. Even though he was working among some of the best, he wanted better for himself, which is when he moved one last time, to the United States, which is where he spent the entirety of his career. Learn more:

Over the years, Dr. Saad grew as a surgeon and as a researcher. He had always been interested in the research side of surgery and decided to focus on that, along with performing the other endeavors while being a pediatric surgeon. This interest in research led him to formulate new surgical methods, which he later patented under his name. These methods have proven to be life-saving, and have also contributed to the medical field in general. These methods are now being used by doctors all over the world who look up to Dr. Saad and the developments that he has brought to pediatric surgery.

Dr. Saad has not only worked on his professional development but has also tried to contribute to philanthropic ventures using the skills that he has gained through the years. He has taken part in numerous medical missions, through which he has been able to provide surgeries to children all over the world. These medical missions have saved countless lives and have been able to provide life-saving treatments to children who cannot afford surgeries and who have no hope left.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina – Dental Surgeon And Arab Spokesperson

Institute of Ismaili

Dr. Sachedina works with the Ismaili community institutes in the sixteen regions in which they exist. He communicates with the Aga Khan Development Network programs and the Ismaili community institutions in Central Asia. He was previously the President of the Ismaili Council for the UK, holding the post consecutively for two terms.

The Ismaili institutes work within Central Asia, Northern Africa, America, and Europe to coordinate treaties. Diplomacy is one of the primary functions of the Ismaili institutes. Dr. Sachedina is Head of Community Affairs for the Portugal Seat of Ismaili Imamat.

Sussex Healthcare

Dr. Shafik Sachedina BDS is Joint Chairman of the Board of Directors for Sussex Health Care. His role is to work with other board members to ensure that continued research leads to improvements in cooperation and coordination between all National Health Service (NHS) organizations.

Recently, the Sussex Health Care unit reported that they would open a gym for elderly and disabled Sussex residents. The gym will be available for those in the city and outlying areas. As one of the joint board members, Dr. Shafik Sachedina’s approval and support led to the gym becoming reality.


Dr. Sachedina graduated from Guy’s Hospital and Dental School in 1975. His expertise is in dental surgery. He has practiced in England for several years. He has used his skills as a dental surgeon to create entrepreneurial businesses in England and the Middle East.

Work Experience

Dr. Shafik Sachedina has worked in many high-profile positions such as Chairman of FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International. He has served as an African delegate and has spoken on conferences in Syria, Afghanistan, and the Middle East. His intent in speaking in these regions was humanitarian. He speaks to help aid in the crisis in the Syria Arab Republic. Currently, Dr. Sachedina is the Department head of the Jamati Institutions in the Aiglemont in France. He helps to lead and organize Ismaili district events.

Brief Bio

Dr. Shafik Sachedina was born in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. He attended university in London and graduated as a dental surgeon in 1975. He has developed health-care related entrepreneurial businesses and has taken on volunteer work within the Central Asian communities by working with the Aga Khan and Jamati Institutes.

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