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You deserve to stay connected to your love ones in a correctional facility, but the soaring rates leave a lot of customers without a secure connection because of excessive rates. The highly active Securus Technologies, telecommunications giants, has answered the call for affordable calls. In fact, their high level of customer support allowed them to be honorees of the 2016 Gold Stevie Award. Their services and features are integrated by their customer feedback to keep their rates competitive throughout the Securus network. You have all your inmate calling needs integrated in one website portal with Securus.


Securus Technologies: Wireless Access


Get the benefits of using the wireless containment feature for your correctional facility, if there has been an increase in inmate contraband. Their wireless technology is designed to relieve the load of additional monitoring in the favility inmates are being housed in. Securus will install the technology that is intended to intercept illegal inmate calls. Law enforcement has the opportunity to focus on more important daily functions of operating the facility. Current employees will be able to use their phone without service interruption unless otherwise instructed by the facility.


Securus Technologies: GovPayNet Technology


The GovPayNet technology is known for being one of the largest government debit and credit card processing networks in the industry. You can get your payment processed with Securus within 1-24 hours. You can process your Securus payments faster than ever before over an encrypted network that protects your security and confidentiality. Choose the Securus platform for affordable network access and affordable calls from the Securus Technologies network today. Their CEO and professional business specialist, Rick A. Pickens plays a major role in the daily activities and features created by Securus Technologies.


Securus Preferred Services & Features


Securus: Advanced Pay


The advanced pay feature is a great way fir many customers to get their services and features in advance. The Securus Technologies network is offering their customers a great opportunity to avoid locating an authorized agent. Transform the way you communicate with your love ones using advanced call access.


Securus: Inmate Email


An inmate email is equivalent to calling sending a letter through the mail. Inmates must send the equivalent of one postage stamp that can be purchased through Securus. This had been a popular feature for their inmates to get a message from their friends and love ones sooner.


Go directly to the Securus website portal for more details on becoming a part of the very popular telecommunications network. Join the Securus network and stay connected to the ones you care for the most being housed in a correctional facility with Securus.

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