Madison Street Captial Is Honored With The M&A Advisor Award

The 16th Annual Advisor Awards were announced by the M&A Advisor. The awards were held at the New York, New York Metropolitan Club. The award for the year’s best Debt Financing Deal went to Madison Street Capital for advising WLR Automotive regarding their transaction.


The President of The M&A Advisor is David Fergusson. He spoke of the honor they had regarding the leading dealmakers, companies and M&A transactions since 2002. More than 650 companies participated in a chance to win the award but the winner was Madison Street Capital. The honor they received was the highest for professionals and M&A firms. He stated the M&A industry of 2017 is well represented by Madison Street Capital and the honors were earned. They stood out despite the numerous impressive candidates.


The CEO of Madison Street Capital is Charles Botchway. He stated they were honored to receive the award from the M&A Advisor in the category of debt financing. Barry Peterson then congratulated WLR Automotive on the transaction as the Senior Managing Director. Madison Street Capital was additionally a finalist for both the Financials Deal of the Year and the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year.


The premier celebration for the leaders in the M&A Dealmakers is the years premier celebration. This event also featured the M&A Advisor Summit for 2017 and more than 500 of the leading M&A professionals in the industry participated. More than 35 stalwarts of M&A, industry, academic and media were participants in the interactive and exclusive forums.


There was even more to the event than honoring the winners of the awards. AGS New York’s Executive Director is Robert “Bobby” Blumenfeld. He received the Tom Farrell Memorial Award. The 2017 award for Leadership was received by Winchester Capital’s CEO and Chairman, Ceasar N. Anquillare.


As a banking firm for international investments, Madison Street Capital had made a commitment to excellence, leadership, integrity and service in the deliverance of advisory and financial services for the advisory needs of corporations. They provide financial opinions, expert advice regarding acquisitions and mergers and valuation services. They help their clients achieve success within the global marketplace. With every project they accept they ensure the objectives and goals of their clients become their own. Madison Street Capital believes the core component for client growth are the emerging markets. Their assets and focus are placed on these markets. They have earned the trust of clients across the globe due to their professional standards and unwavering dedication.


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The Career Of Robert Ivy & The American Institute Of Architects

Robert Ivy’s Background & Career History
In the field of architecture, it is well-known that it is one of the best and dreadful industries to work in. Although that might sound contradicting, that statement holds a lot of meaning. Put in other words, the architectural industry is both exciting yet demanding at the same time. Worth mentioning, it is important to know this because it allows us to reflect on the most successful individuals from the field. Considering the amount of effort and commitment it takes to succeed as an architect, it is no wonder they are considered some of the best all around professionals in any industry. Also, while there have been many successful architects over the course of history, perhaps none have been as impactful as has Robert Ivy.

For Robert Ivy, being in such a competitive industry, he certainly has a way of making his job look easy. With multiple decades of experience to his credit, Robert Ivy has made a career for himself that not too many can compare too. As good as that sounds, Robert Ivy has earned every bit of that recognition. In many ways, he has created a reputation in the industry as one of the more prominent professionals around. Needless to say, this is saying a lot about Robert as an individual and working professional as architect. With all of that said, there is still plenty of examples left that illustrate how effective Robert Ivy has been to the architectural community. So, to get a better sense for how he has become one of the most highly-regarded individuals in his area of expertise, here is more on Robert Ivy and his role at The American Institute of Architects as CEO.

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Robert Ivy & The American Institute of Architects
Worth repeating, there are several ways Robert Ivy has reached the top of his profession. In fact, many of his peers say that his brilliant ways have him established as the standard of excellence in the industry. However, perhaps his most impressive accomplishments have come from The American Institute of Architects. This institute, which is an organization advocating for the value of architecture and architects everywhere, has seen tremendous benefit from Robert Ivy’s valued efforts. In addition, as a leading executive of the organization, Robert has committed himself to see nothing but success for the company. This just goes to show how great of a professional Robert Ivy really is.

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Securus Technologies Introduces New Technology

Get Securus Technologies For Quality Service Features


You deserve to stay connected to your love ones in a correctional facility, but the soaring rates leave a lot of customers without a secure connection because of excessive rates. The highly active Securus Technologies, telecommunications giants, has answered the call for affordable calls. In fact, their high level of customer support allowed them to be honorees of the 2016 Gold Stevie Award. Their services and features are integrated by their customer feedback to keep their rates competitive throughout the Securus network. You have all your inmate calling needs integrated in one website portal with Securus.


Securus Technologies: Wireless Access


Get the benefits of using the wireless containment feature for your correctional facility, if there has been an increase in inmate contraband. Their wireless technology is designed to relieve the load of additional monitoring in the favility inmates are being housed in. Securus will install the technology that is intended to intercept illegal inmate calls. Law enforcement has the opportunity to focus on more important daily functions of operating the facility. Current employees will be able to use their phone without service interruption unless otherwise instructed by the facility.


Securus Technologies: GovPayNet Technology


The GovPayNet technology is known for being one of the largest government debit and credit card processing networks in the industry. You can get your payment processed with Securus within 1-24 hours. You can process your Securus payments faster than ever before over an encrypted network that protects your security and confidentiality. Choose the Securus platform for affordable network access and affordable calls from the Securus Technologies network today. Their CEO and professional business specialist, Rick A. Pickens plays a major role in the daily activities and features created by Securus Technologies.


Securus Preferred Services & Features


Securus: Advanced Pay


The advanced pay feature is a great way fir many customers to get their services and features in advance. The Securus Technologies network is offering their customers a great opportunity to avoid locating an authorized agent. Transform the way you communicate with your love ones using advanced call access.


Securus: Inmate Email


An inmate email is equivalent to calling sending a letter through the mail. Inmates must send the equivalent of one postage stamp that can be purchased through Securus. This had been a popular feature for their inmates to get a message from their friends and love ones sooner.


Go directly to the Securus website portal for more details on becoming a part of the very popular telecommunications network. Join the Securus network and stay connected to the ones you care for the most being housed in a correctional facility with Securus.

Canadian Company Obsidian Energy

Obsidian Energy History & Background

In the business industry, there are many more failure stories than there are success stories. As crazy as that sounds, it is amazing to reflect on those companies who have been led to many achievements. Considering how demanding and challenging it is throughout the business industry on a global scale, there are some companies who have managed to make a name for themselves.

Considering the amount of time, money, and hard work that it takes just to startup company, it is companies such as Obsidian Energy who have set the standard for what it takes to be a successful company in the business industry. Based in Canada, which in and of itself is one of the most competitive business industries in the world, says a lot about how much Obsidian Energy has achieved as a company. Even more impressive is the fact that Obsidian Energy is in the oil and gas side of the business, which is one of if not the most difficult business avenue to be a part of.

When we take all of this into consideration, it is no surprise that Obsidian Energy is one of the more highly-regarded companies in the world. Since being founded in 1979, Obsidian Energy has quickly become one of the more prominent companies around. Worth mentioning, Obsidian Energy has managed to make an impact not just in Canada but, also on a worldwide scale. As amazing as that sounds, Obsidian Energy is far from adding to what is already an impressive company status. Go To This Page for related information.

Simply put, Obsidian Energy is leading the way for other companies in the same line of work to make a name for themselves. As difficult as that may be for other companies, by taking what Obsidian Energy has done as a company and improvising on it, other companies can perhaps become as successful as them. Needless to say, that will be a tall task for any company to try and achieve. With the amount of success that Obsidian Energy has achieved in a relatively short time span, there is no denying that they will be around for a very long time. The company was at the apex of its success and was even among the sixty most prominent firms in the Toronto stock Exchange and was also a Canadian Royalty Trust (CANROY).



Duda Melzer Investments: Brazilian Media Conglomerate

Brazilian businessman and investment guru Duda Melzer Digital has recently transitioned into a leadership position at Grupo RBS a Brazilian media conglomerate. Mr. Eduardo Melzer has been educated around the world and is well known or his focus on professionalism and quality governance.

After the implementation of this transition the Brazilian companies ready to go full throttle into the financial investment of the future. This has been enabled by the venture capital investment firm which was founded by Duda Melzer in 2012 e.Bricks Ventures with the aim to give growing technology companies an edge over competitors. Currently, the company has focused on investments in the digital startup industry particularly emphasized in Brazil and the United States.

Eduardo has managed to create an incredibly prolific career since his graduation from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande with a degree in business administration. Since this time. He has served as a director general for the RBS groups for the national market and also as a senior financial analyst at Delphi Corporation in 2002. He made the transition to leader of the RBS in 2012 and just last year was chosen to compose a leadership group for Cambridge Institute for family enterprise. For more details visit

When asked about who it was that he looked up to the most as far as the creation of his remarkable legacy Mr.Duda recognized an American Harvard professor John Davis who is one of the world’s most sought-after consultants. Another two significant influences on the Brazilian entrepreneur are Jim Collins and Ram Charan. It is the belief of Mr.Melzer that the success that he has envisioned in his family is due to a history of excellent and governance as well as professional management. Currently, he is focusing his efforts on digital startups with investments spread between the United States and Brazil with the hope of minimizing the effects of competition on potential future titans of the industry. You can visit their Twitter page.

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