Madison Street Capital: 16th Annual M&A Advisor Award Recipient

If you aren’t already familiar with Madison Street Capital, it is an investment-banking firm that specializes in providing advisory services relative to mergers and acquisitions, valuation services, capital restructuring, reorganization, and much more. The firm, which has operations in Asia, North America, and Africa, has a client base comprising of public and privately held businesses and has been considered a godsend for many corporations. If you’ve been following business news, you may have heard that Madison Street Capital is also, the recipient of the 16th Annual “M&A” Advisor Awards; the prestigious award was presented to the firm for their work in orchestrating a debt financing deal for WLR Automotive.


Why is the “M&A” Advisor Award such a big deal? Well, as previously stated, it is a prestigious award, and it is only presented to top-performing corporations, which adequately describes Madison Steet Capital. They are a leading investment-banking firm that beat out 650 participating companies to earn the distinguished award. Madison Street Capital was also nominated in two other categories, Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year and Financials Deal of the Year. These accomplishments are quite impressive, especially for a relatively young company. Founded in 2005, Madison Street Capital prides themselves on their ability to excel in several key areas including leadership, integrity, and unparalleled excellence. According to the firm’s website, their proficiency in these areas has enabled them to succeed in global markets and earn the trust of several clients around the world.


One of the things that differentiate Madison Street Capital from their competitors, is their ability to truly connect with their clients. The firm takes on the objectives and goals of their clients, making them their own; this ownership mentality guides them in not only raising capital but also when it comes to providing financial advisory services in areas relative to M&A transactions, or discussions related to transfers of ownership. The second thing that makes Madison Street Capital an industry leader is their penchant for emerging markets; the firm wholeheartedly believes that these markets drive global growth. Therefore, the firm places a great deal of emphasis, as well as assets, to make sure that they, and the clients that they work with, thrive in these markets. Obviously, their clients are in capable hands; Madison Street Capital values the relationships that they have with their clients and therefore consistently delivers the highest caliber of professional standards.


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