There are several things that define Doe Deere, the founder of cult brand Lime Crime, but her artistic sense stands out. It is, as she explains, a passion that has grown with time and is traceable from her childhood.

A keen scrutiny of highly successful people in the world will reveal that they have some inbuilt operation mechanisms that define their lifestyles. They have a way they beginning their mornings and a definite manner of running their schedules throughout the day almost without interruption.

Doe Deere kicks off her day at 8.30 am, her rising time. She is a believer of sufficient sleep as a way of achieving goals and sleeping nine hours, she says, his her preferred way of maintaining a clear skin. She then hits mild exercises such as stretches before fixing a carefully selected breakfast including grits, sometimes yogurt and orange juice.

Unarguably, Deere is a leader in her own class within the makeup industry and is more hailed for her uniqueness and experimental nature with make-ups and almost everything fashion. Her Lime Crime beauty line is more known for accentuating beautifully branded bright colors. She is so dependent of her phone calendar that she credits it for running her life to a good extent. It also helps her to keep up with ongoings in her office even before she can get there. Her office has an in internal chat system that she accesses on her phone at all times just as she does with her Instagram account, which is ever open on her phone. Granted, she is a technologically advanced manager and creator.

Though she claims to have been poor with make-up win her youthful days, it is clear that when the bug bit, it left a mark. She says that it takes as little as 15 minutes to wear her make-up and it can take just as much as a whole one hour. No wonder then she puts on some music to keep her company as she does her makeup, and she is a declared fan of The Beatles.

Doe Deere tries to make time for just about anything she loves. Her two Persian cats Puffy Fluffles and Chester von Brittingham get their share of time in the mornings. She gets to the office by around noon when it’s time for lunch and picking up the nitty-gritty with her team. An ordinary day for her is done by 6 pm.

The unconventional approach to the fashion industry that Lime Crime has introduced is it’s probably its most valuable asset. Doe Deere leads by example and her purple/pink or simply indescribable hairstyles are just so unique you cannot miss them. It’s almost a statement to the world that people from all walks of life have can live their dreams and create their own style.

It is also important to note that she has utilized the digital platform to create her success story. The online stock-rich and well engaging platform underlines the fact that businesses need to adopt technology as way of spreading their wings.


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