Vinod Gupta Gives A Few Lessons To Other Entrepreneurs


Vinod Gupta is regarded as one of the most successful people in today. Vinod Gupta is the Chairman of Everest Group LLC in Omaha, Nebraska. He was the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Infogroup, a technology company and started the Vinod Gupta Charitable Foundation. He began working for leaders in the industry that included Donnelly Marketing, Walter Karl and Database America. He combined his data with financial statistics, business publications and trade papers. He incorporated the cloud into his service which allowed his clients to locate customers easily.


It is not that he has a lot of companies, but because he started from the bottom and has used all the opportunities, he got to succeed. Vinod is also a humble person and has used the skills he has to help others who want to accomplish. He is always working hard to help others to achieve the same success he has achieved today. He is always striving to make the industry conducive for everyone and also improve his businesses through technology.


The journey of Vinod Gupta to become one of the best entrepreneurs in the United has not been easy. It is a journey that is full of setbacks, excitement, passion, innovation, and success. If you have little today and you want to achieve and live well in the future, Vinod Gupta is a perfect inspiration to you. .


He grew up in a small village in India where life was not easy at all. At the time, he went to school barefoot and lacked most social amenities like clean water and electricity. However, he did not allow that to ruin his life. Today, he is a wealthy man with a lot of skills and knowledge to share with other entrepreneurs. See This Article to learn more.


Vinod Gupta started small in business, but throughout the years he has made a lot of money. Vinod Gupta understands the value of the dollar, and he has been using this knowledge to make his way in business. Vinod is not only an entrepreneur but also focused on donating his money. Vinod Gupta has helped several startups to grow their business. Vinod has not forgotten where he came from. He has gone back to India where he has started one of the best schools to help students excel in life.


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The Trail Blazing Of Rodrigo Terpins

The record-breaking Rodrigo Terpins is a 42 year old productive agent and driver in the rally business, by way of Brazil. In the course of recent years he has solidified his name as a dynamite ability in the rally auto industry. Consistency and a decided attitude is the thing that Rodrigo professes to be the propelling elements behind his prosperity as a driver. Rodrigo Terpins originates from a group of games. His fathe is a previous ball player and his sibling is an energetic rally driver as well. He and his sibling frequently combine as colleagues together in team-based rivalries. Not all rivalries are go dirt road romping but rather Rodrigo is readied regardless of whether this is the situation. Prior to turning into an expert rally driver, Rodrigo learned at Sail Hilaire University. He achieved a degree in business administration from the prestigious school. Continuing on, he gave 16 long stretches of administration at Lojas Marisa and worked his way up to the part of company president. Clearing his seat as leader of the organization during the year 2007, Rodrigo would shape his own particular organization just about one year later. For more details visit Crunchbase.

T5 Participacoes has been a top coordinator for probably the most world class dashing vents in Brazil. Huge on morals, Rodrigo is the organizer of Floresvale. The organization utilizes condition well disposed assets for their business. This has helped increment the check of guaranteed-certified wood all through Brazil. The same number of occupants of Brazil have progressively developed ecological cognizant, His business has grown much more. Rodrigo Terpins is a bustling person and parts his opportunity among the wide open and city where he lives. One factor that he states Keeps him beneficial is his attention to different parts of this ever-changing world. Being up to speed on most buyer patterns is the most ideal approach to stay imaginative he says.



GSH of Alabama CEO Barbara Stokes Talks About The Company’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

GSH of Alabama CEO Barbara Stokes recently spoke about some of the challenges involved with natural disaster relief efforts. Stokes notes that the relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Harvey costs billions of dollars. As Hurricane Harvey victims began to put their lives back together, GSH of Alabama was there to help. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

GSH of Alabama uses innovative designs and engineering methods to supply those impacted by natural disasters with temporary housing while the victims start to rebuild their lives. GSH is on the FEMA Register as a Disaster Relief Construction Contractor. GSH has worked with the Department of State, Department of Defense, and the Department of Homeland Security on different contract requirements.

Stokes says that GSH of Alabama customized their manufacturing facilities to help people in need of temporary housing. Stokes says that GSH uses the data from FEMA trailers to create fire suppression systems and access ramps for every Mobile Housing Unit. Stokes helped create the design of the fire safety technology. Barbara Stokes relies on the knowledge that she gained while studying manufacturing and thermodynamics in college.

Learning From Hurricane Katrina

During the amount of time that it took to get approval for relief aid, many families lost their lives due to Hurricane Katrina. As a result, FEMA now has pre-written authorization in place to help cut down on military response times. Congress also passed legislation that mandates communities to create disaster plans.


Federal and local responders communicate more now, which allows things to run smoother. Medical facilities were damaged as a result of Katrina. Many patients were left behind. This caused the Department of Health and Human Services to create emergency plans and requirements for all hospitals that receive Medicaid or Medicare.

During Hurricane Katrina, local authorities were preventing boats with volunteer rescuers on them from helping because they viewed the volunteers as a liability. However, the subsequent natural disasters have shown that relief efforts often require as many helping hands as possible. The increased volunteer efforts helped save thousands of lives in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

James Dondero: Success in his Career Turns into Generous Giving

James Dondero is a familiar name in Dallas, Texas. He is well known as the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management. He is an incredibly talented analyst and business that has not only an impressive resume but also a strong focus on philanthropy. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork.

Being successful is a wonderful, hard-earned gift and James Donero loves to pay it forward. He supports many charitable organizations in his hometown of Dallas including the local zoo. After the hippo exhibit was closed Dondero donated $1 million dollars along with other donors to help reopen the exhibit for the benefit of the community. He also supports a local domestic violence shelter for men called The Family Place. In fact, he recently hosted a fundraiser at the Dallas Zoo with the proceeds going to the support of the shelter. Visit his website at


Philanthropy is more than just a one-time event for James Dondero and Highland Capital Management. He donated $3 million to The Dallas Foundation which supports a wide variety of organizations that benefit others. Through generous giving and hard work, James Dondero has given himself a stunning reputation as an accomplished businessman and philanthropist.


Dr. Saad Saad’s Surgical Inventions

Surgery is difficult. It’s not the exact science we like to think of it as. The parts of the human body are often very small and don’t sit in the exact same place in everyone. For pediatric surgeons these problems are worse. Often a child doesn’t have the experience to describe a pain or feeling as succinctly as needed. This makes surgery on children a unique specialty.

Doctor Saad Saad, born in Palestine but raised in Kuwait, is a world-renown pediatric surgeon. He once performed an operation on the youngest child to be brought in with an aneurysm that was broadcast to experts across the world. His opinions on whether or not to operate are widely sought after in pediatric medicine. He has served as Medical Director and Surgeon-in-Chief before as well as spending a decade as the personal pediatric surgeon to the Royal family of Saudi Arabia. He received his education in Cairo, England and the United States.

As a surgeon operating on children Doctor Saad Saad was, prior to his retirement, always seeking new methods and equipment to make the surgeries easier for doctor and patient alike. During his career he patented two main techniques and new equipment.

The first is not widely used due to some technical limitations. He developed a new type of catheter tip that can be found with great precision, as opposed to the guesswork method usually used. The catheter tip gives off a specific signal that can be detected with a second device used outside the patient. These two devices used in conjunction act as a metal detector analogy for the catheter tip inside the patient. This way the process of inserting the catheter is faster and much more precise.

This device uses expensive electronics that are not yet cost-effective to use for hospitals. There has been some tech sector interest in the idea and a firm in Utah has recently attained the rights to develop the device, hopefully at a low cost.

His second device is a device and technique widely used today. While using endoscopes on his patients Dr. Saad was bothered how much wasted time for the doctor and unnecessary irritation for the patient was involved when suction was needed. The endoscope would need to removed, a suction device inserted and removed and then the endoscope needed to be put back in. It was inefficient and could cause irritation for the patient. So Dr. Saad developed a small, dual-purpose device that could perform both functions. It is basically an 16endoscope with a small, separated tube for suction. the endoscope camera is also self-cleaning, meaning the procedure is much faster and easier on the patient where this device is in use. Learn more:


The Making Of Billionaire Investor Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme Paulus is one of the most enterprising investors and entrepreneurs in Brazil. He has a portfolio so large within the tourism industry that the president recently tapped him as part of the Brazilian Tourism board to help the country craft and adopt better tourism policies on the backdrop of a growing industry that is earning the country billions of dollars in revenue.

He has over the last forty years invested millions of dollars and was recently named as one of the most influential business persons in Brazil this in addition to joining the Forbes list of billionaires. His life however has not always been this good. Growing up as a young man he always wanted to study medicine a dream that even his parents supported, however, they would not afford to finance this dream due to their financial situation.

Read more: Guilherme Paulus É Eleito Empreendedor Do Ano

This would not change Guilherme Paulus’ determination to succeed and soon after realizing the cards life had accorded hi he joined IBM as an intern. This would mark the beginning of the building of a billionaire. At IBM he was able to spend time in the various divisions where he was exposed to almost every aspect of the company, realizing he was not cut out for this he applied for a salesman position at Casa Faro. While at Casa Faro he would interact with foreign and domestic tourist who gave him a better perspective on what the industry entailed and the opportunities available. Guilherme Paulus decided at that moment it was the industry, he would invest his time and money in.

In 1972 Guilherme Paulus founded his first company CVC. It began as a travel agency, but would soon grow to be more than just that. He realized that more opportunities lay in the tour sector. He transformed CVC into a tour company and from that point his focus was growing it as so. It would take him more than nine years to break even. During those initial nine years Guilherme Paulus contemplated closing the company as he fell further into debt and the industry encountered growing government bottlenecks. He was however able to overcome all this and today they are the largest tour company in Latin America.

Check more about Guilherme Paulus:

From Unprofitable To Industry Leader; How Gregory Aziz Saved National Steel Car

National Steel Car is a Canadian-based freight car manufacturer. It has been in operation since 1912, and it has went through a variety of different phases through-out its existence. The first major change to the company came in July 1912, only a month after the company was created. This change was a rebranding; originally called Imperial Car Company, the name was changed to National Steel Car.


Gregory James Aziz purchased National Steel Car in 1994. At this time, National Steel Car was going through a rough time. The entire industry was suffering, and National Steel Car was no different. Thanks to Aziz, and the financial backing he brought with him, National Steel Car was able to survive this time period, and now, it is one of the largest suppliers of freight cars in all of North America.


Before purchasing National Steel Car, Greg Aziz worked in New York as an investment broker. After years in New York, Aziz moved back to his home province of Ontario, Canada and purchased National Steel Car. Prior to working in New York, Aziz was a member of his family’s business, Affiliated Foods. Affiliated Foods is an importer of fresh foods. They sell their food to wholesalers all over the United States and parts of Canada. Refer to This Article for more information.


A lot of activities in the local Hamilton, Ontario area are made possible through donations by Greg Aziz. The Hamilton Opera, Theater Aquarius, and an annual Winter agricultural festival are all made possible by Gregory Aziz. The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, the annual event made possible by Aziz, is one of Canada’s largest agricultural festivals in existence. Gregory Aziz also donates money to the United Way and the Salvation Army.


As for the success of National Steel Car, the company attributes its success to its workers. During National Steel Car’s growth period, production not only went up by four-fold, but the amount of employees at National Steel Car increased as well. The people at National Steel Car are involved in giving as well. The employees of National Steel Car participate in a yearly Christmas food drive, providing much needed food to those who are less fortunate.

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Ogano Gold- Giving People Hope

What is Organo Gold?

Organo Gold is a company that offers products that we find ourselves using on a daily basis, no matter where you are from or what class you are in. From coffee to care products, Organo Gold wants to be able to cater to your lifestyle. Read more at about Organo Gold. Organo doesn’t offer its products in a usual or orthodox way, it is offered through an Independent Consumer Network. Organo Gold is a company that believes its customers can become its employees. They teach there, what they call their “Independent Consumers” from a doctrine of inspiration and action. Their message is that winners see opportunities not obstacles, they create their own circumstances, they don’t complain about them. This belief and way of thinking is the driving force behind their “recruitment” power. Recruitment is how you grow your network.


By offering every day almost “necessity style products,” at a cheaper price, they have created a fool proof way to grow a network of consumers. Creating one big family of “consumers buying products” and constantly growing their network has become an inspiring way to make money. This inspirational way of doing business is like a momentous journey that is filled with rewards along the way. Its architecture and leadership is nothing short of contagious and exciting to watch. I can only imagine what being of part of it would feel like. Follow Organo Gold on

The versatile personality of Ara Chackerian

Research and development will always be a part of what Ara Chackerian is doing with his time. He does most of his activities with a very selfless mindset. Mostly, if not always, he is trying to be of assistance to the people around him. Currently, for instance, he is actively involved in creating awareness on a new method that he and his colleague discovered for improving mental health. This new method is using transcranial magnetic stimulation.


Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur, an investor, and a philanthropist. People might not realize how much of a philanthropist he is until they take a keen look at the reasons why he carries out the activities that he does. The one that most reflects his profile as a philanthropist is the fact that he runs non-profit organizations in Armenia, Nicaragua, and the United States.


All the institutions he runs within these regions are usually for the sole purpose of empowering the youth. So, evidently, he is more than just a philanthropist when the youthful population is concerned. Ara doubles up as a mentor and a role model for most of them. Having attended the Florida State University, he must have interacted with people and learned so much about the youth, that he is currently able to relate with them. For more details visit LinkedIn.


He is also an investor, and mostly in the past, he has chosen to invest in start-up companies within the field of healthcare. This is afield he has engaged in for the past twenty years and he must have gained a considerable amount of experience then. That way, apart from just investing financial resources, he can also be able to be of assistance in form of ideas. Check out



Just investing in start-ups does not mean that Ara Chackerian is not interested in having his own creations in form of companies or business. Ara is actually a very successful entrepreneur. One of his popular ventures is Limonapa Teak, which is a company that he founded to help in conservation of the environment through tree planting. He is also the founder of CREA Nicaragua and JUMA ventures which concentrate on the intellectual development of the youth.


Rocketship Education: A Better Solution for Education

Education can be seen as one of the core principles of life. Many people have said that the path to college begins in kindergarten. This notion rings true on so many levels, but every child doesn’t have the opportunity or can’t build a rock-solid educational base. By not doing so, this creates a learning gap amongst the students. This is where Rocketship Education comes into the frame, and it has revolutionized the game. Rocketship Education is basically a chain of charter schools that operate at the elementary level. The school was actually founded back in 2006, and it’s headquartered in Redwood City, California.

As of today, RE operates via five schools in and around the San Jose region. Unleashing the potential is what this school is all about. Rocketship Education believes that every child can go to college whether it’s a two-year community college, or it’s a four-year university. This phenomenal school has grown into somewhat of a system as it’s looking to expand into other regions of the US. Technology is heavily involved in the teaching process, and this technology has worked wonders with the students. Advanced-mathematical programs such as Dreambox Learning can actually adapt to the student’s level of knowledge, and it’s used for children who range from kindergarten to eight grade. Equatia is another fine math program that focuses on fluency.

When it comes to standardized testing, the students who completed some of Rocketship Education’s math programs scored up to 3 percent better. In some of the other testing areas, some of the student scored even higher. That’s right! This goes to show that computer-based programs have a place within any school’s curriculum. Studies show that the recommended hours spent for the DreamBox program is between 60 – 90 minutes per week. Rocketship Education tends to spend around 44 minutes on the same program, and it has helped to produce outstanding results. This only scratches the surface for what this school can do, but bigger things are in the works for the near future.