Wen by Chaz Dean Is Making People’s Hair Healthier And Leaving It Smelling Great All At The Same Time

Have you noticed that when you wash your hair, you have suds and bubbles everywhere? Did you notice that the lather of your hair leaves your hair sometimes feeling unclean? If so, you might not have known that the lather process is actually what is harming your hair.


Wen by Chaz removes the lather process from washing your hair. With the Cleansing Conditioner, your hair will not lather than most other cleaning products. It will remove all the same dirt and toxins from your hair but without harming your hair. When you have spent years on harsh chemicals in your shampoo’s, you have to expect that it will take time to restore your beautiful locks. However with Wen, most people start to feel a difference and see a difference rather quickly.


Wen by Chaz is a top selling beauty product. There are a variety of different formula’s aimed at helping customers with different hair needs. For someone who has thick hair, they might not have the same needs as someone with fine hair. The texture in your hair will vary and therefore the different cleaners and products should vary as well.


You have probably stood in the shampoo aisle of your local store for some time trying to figure out which of the shampoos are best for your hair. The answer is, none. Most of them will contain harsh chemicals which is causing your hair to be brittle, damaged and unmanageable over time. With Wen by Chaz, you will see that not only is your hair helped by the ingredients in the cleaners, it is going to smell great. You do not have to lose good smelling products for products that will help heal your hair over time.


If you want something that will help your hair overall, try a number of the Wen by Chaz hair products. Wen hair care products are available online on eBay and select retail stores nationwide. Try Wen, use the coupon codes from retailmenot.com to save a dime!

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The Origin Story of WEN

Everyone knows about the very popular hair care brand for women, WEN by Chaz, but did you know that the creator of the product started in a salon before having his own brand? According to wikipedia.org, before Chaz Dean began his journey with creating WEN, he began photography first and brought how he wanted hairstyles and makeup to be through that. Soon after that Chaz attended cosmetology school where he was able to bring out his unique side of hairstyles and makeup. During the time before creating his product, Chaz worked in a salon where he became highly looked at by management and asked to help create a deep conditioner for the salon’s hair care line.


Women want to have luxurious hair that is going to give the shine and softness. WEN hair care does not have the harsh chemicals added to the brand that will make your hair become dry and dull. It’s not going to lather up which takes from your natural oils that help promote shine and softness to your hair.


Who wouldn’t want to give up their heating style tools? A lot of women do I’m sure because it can get expensive. Combining the Cleaning Conditioner and The Anti-Frizz Crème will help you be able to ditch those heating style tools and be able to use WEN hair care and not need extra tools to add curls and use of flat irons which ultimately will damage your hair. Adding The Ant-Frizz crème will help give you 8-hour protection for your hair. Along with the 8-hour protection, it’ll also help keep your hair stronger when using heating style tools while having this product in your hair. WEN is about helping women get the style achievement they are looking for and having your hair nourished and strong while in the process. Wen products are available online on qvc.com and on Amazon.com.

Who is Nick Vertucci in real estate?

Many people are willing to venture into entrepreneurship, but they do not have the skills to achieve success. Before starting any business, you need to learn the tricks that will enable you to face the competition. Nick Vertucci learned that he could succeed in real estate when he attended a seminar that talked about the industry. He was always interested in doing business when he was growing up. At a young age, he started trying various businesses. The journey has been rough, and at one time he almost lost everything. That is when he went to the real estate seminar with a friend. At the end of the seminar, Nick learned a lot of lessons, and he knew he had discovered what could change his life.

At that time, he was in a financial hole, and he wanted to get out of this situation. However, he had to research and work hard, and it took him some years. He discovered a system that he has been using, and it has enabled him to achieve the success he has always desired. Nick Vertucci has now become a famous investor and an entrepreneur in the real estate sector. Although he has succeeded in the industry, Nick Vertucci also wants others to succeed. That is why he has been teaching others how to succeed through his real estate academy. Here you can learn the ropes of getting started and expanding your real estate business.

He has started companies that have become successful. He started the NV companies where he operates as the CEO. The entrepreneur has extensive knowledge when it comes to the development of homes. The many years in the industry have enabled him to learn a lot. He uses this knowledge to help others achieve the same success. At his academy, Nick Vertucci works with other individuals to help others learn the tricks to succeed in the industry.

Anthony Constantinou: Talking Research And Artificial Intelligence


Anthony Constantinou is an assistant professor. He lectures at London’s Queen Mary University. Here, he also heads the department of (Bayesian) artificial intelligence. Additionally, he is a research scientist with numerous publications to his name. Anthony lectures machine and data learning. His field of research covers medicine, business, and sports.

His publication “Bayesian Artificial Intelligence for Decision Making under Uncertainty” won him an honor for the Principal Investigator on EPSRC Fellowship project. Constantinou finished second in the international special issue competition Machine learning for soccer. His PhD. thesis was nominated for the CPHC/BCS Distinguished Dissertations, He was awarded Distinction for M.Sc. and earned a full EPSRC Ph.D. Scholarship and funding.


Educational background

Before joining University, Anthony Constantinou served in the Military force of the Republic of Cyprus. For two years and two months, he was a soldier in the Greek Cypriot National Guard.

Anthony Constantinou holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer science from the University of Hertfordshire. His field leans toward artificial intelligence. The period between 2005 and 2008 would find him at the University. A year later, in 2009, he acquired Master of Science in artificial intelligence (Robotics). He also holds a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Bayesian networks for prediction, decision making, and risk management. Constantinou got his Ph.D. from London’s Queen Mary University. Refer to This Article for more information.


Work experience

Anthony Constantinou has a wealth of experience as a professional in the areas of research. He has worked as a data scientist for AgenaRisk firm. He was tasked with investment decision making and strategic planning. He also worked for the same firm as an associate consultant. He joined AgenaRisk through an internship program by United Kingdom’s Engineering and physical sciences research council.

Anthony Constantinou has worked as a freelance consultant for Bayesian Networks and rating systems. He has also worked as a Ph.D. researcher in the field of risk management and decision making. Also, he has taught software engineering and procedural programming.


Publications areas and awards

Anthony Constantinou is an award-winning researcher. His publications have won him many awards in the categories of medicine and sports. For instance, he was awarded for attaining a distinction in Master of Science. Also, he has won several grants for many of his research projects. His models have been used to predict football results.


Learn more about Constantinou on https://interview.net/anthony-constantinou/

Richard Liu Qiangdong: A Global Household Name


The Chinese economy is ripe for economic growth. While there are many businesses that fail, there are also a lot of diseases that can succeed. It is the birthplace of renowned web retailer JD.com.

“An Insight, and Idea with Richard Liu” with David Rubenstein partners with Richard Liu Qiangdong to discuss how he made the Chinese economy work for him. Richard Liu success is known by many business professionals all over the world. His company is worth more than $50 billion at this time. Richard Liu Qiangdong expects that the company’s value will only continue to increase as he expands into global markets and opens the company up to new opportunities. Richard Liu Quiangdong’s methods are truly exceptional.

Richard Liu discusses JD.com in a way that he has never done before. In fact, he takes the opportunity to talk to David Rubenstein about Richard Liu’s failures as well as his significant success. Throughout the interview, Richard Liu Qiangdong explains that his failures are what has made his success. His time in the restaurant business did not prove as profitable for him as JD.com has. In fact, the company was quite a failure in that respect. He blames being young and that lacking the time to adequately commit to the project. This is something that he does not feel has happened with JD.com. In sharp contrast, his experience with the company has been completely different. Find More Information Here.

JD.com is different from other companies on the Chinese market. Many of the companies that were in existence around when JD.com came onto the scene in 2003 were created for the sole purpose of marketing sub-par items and products to desperate consumers. It seemed that many of them were quick to set up shop and change through their inventory. Richard Liu Qiangdong wanted something that would have more staying power with customers. He wanted to create a website that people thought of immediately when they had a need. That is exactly what JD.com has become for the Chinese public. His next goal, he tells David Rubenstein, is to expand that sentiment to the world. If Richard Liu has his way JD.com will become a household name globally.


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Jeunesse Global sees major sales boost with Instantly Ageless

Since the dawn of time, people have wanted to find a way to defy age. It has been the mission of some of the greatest expeditions in history to locate the real-world Fountain of Youth, including the voyage of Ponce de Leon, who was credited with the discovery of Florida.

It is, perhaps, ironic that some 500 years later, the same state that was originally the focus of the search for the Fountain of Youth would give rise to a company that has finally achieved something that is genuinely befitting of the name. Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis are two of the most recognized entrepreneurs in the country. Longtime Florida residents, Ray and Lewis decided to start their own health and beauty company out of the garage of their large Florida home back in 2009 as a way to spend their newly found free time during retirement.

The company that Ray and Lewis founded would eventually come to be known as Jeunesse Global. Today, Jeunesse Global is one of the most successful brands in the global health industry. The company has more than a dozen innovative products that help to keep its millions of customers looking and feeling young. One of those products is the company’s wildly popular Instantly Ageless.

Made with the company’s proprietary anti-aging compound, APT-200, Instantly Ageless is a deep-cleaning facial crème that can help prevent the formation of blemishes while wiping years off of the apparent age of the user. The crème has been carefully designed by Jeunesse Global scientists, who Wendy Lewis hand selected from her decades in the industry for their abilities to create scientifically engineered and highly useful products. And Instantly Ageless is able to compete, head-to-head, with some of the top facial cremes in the business, winning on most measures of efficacy. What’s more, you don’t have to be rich to afford this highly effective facial cleanser. Instantly Ageless compares favorably on price with many similar brands while delivering a wallop against the aging process itself, helping users to achieve something close to a real Fountain of Youth.


The Launch of Boraie’s New Tower and a New Collaborated Project with Shaquille O’Neal

Upon his retirement from the National Basketball Association after decades of success, Shaquille O’Neal set out on a venture to give back to his community. Shaquille grew up in the streets of Newark in the 1970s. For that reason, he is not a stranger to the struggles in those environs so he has made it his priority to improve the status of the place. In order to do so, Shaquille partook in the building and launching of the Shaq Tower, a tower with 168 unit apartments that are simply breathtaking and aimed to be affordable to the residents. This was not enough, he has also recently announced another project where he intends to build a 350 unit apartment tower with 35 stories. All this he is doing in collaboration with Boraie Development.




Boraie Development




Boraie Development LLC is a property management, real estate development, sales, and marketing based company. In partnership with well-established financial institutions and remarkable architects as well as contractors, the company delivers the best services to its clients. The company is big on the principles of delivery and time consciousness. Boraie is responsible for some of the biggest projects in real estate like the recent The Aspire Tower.




The Aspire Tower




The Aspire is a recently launched luxury rental tower located at the center of New Brunswick, a few steps from the train station. This location gives the tower excellent view of the entire city and all that it has to offer in terms of serenity like the numerous trees, the Raritan River and the Johnson Park. For more details you can checkout re-nj.com





The Aspire is a seventeen-story building with 238 two bedrooms, one bedroom, and studio apartments. The building has diverse floor plans with designer finishes. These include the ten-foot ceilings, hardwood floors specific to the living rooms and areas, detailed bathrooms with massive bathtubs and frameless glass stalls in the master shower. The building is also complete with gourmet kitchens which have kitchen islands, customized cabinets, countertops made of quartz, a backsplash with tiles as well as appliances that are exclusively made of stainless steel material. For additional info you can visit statetheatrenj.org




Each unit in the tower is framed through oversized windows for lighting purposes with balconies and terraces options. Other amenities include around the clock concierge service at the ever-active lobby, parking with direct access to the building that is private as well, a roof deck on the eighteenth deck as well as one connected to the lounge. Catering services, a recreational center, and a fitness center are also part of the package.


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Past & Future Endeavors

NexBank SSB, a Dallas-based financial institute, has come a long way over the years. This particular financial institute is a regional bank, but it provides services that can match the services of larger national banks. In 2016, NexBank partnered with Dallas Neighborhood Homes to provide affordable home ownership. This was one of NexBank’s largest endeavors as it provided up to $50 million in loan support. This loan support was awarded to low-income homebuyers who were in need of affordable mortgages. This project was known as the Affordable Housing Loan Program, and there were three organizations that brought this project into fruition.

Dallas Neighborhood Homes, NexBank and Habitat For Humanity embarked on this journey together, and it was a major success. Who directly benefited from the services? The beneficiaries of the Affordable Housing Loan Program were residents of certain zip codes in southern Dallas. In some cases, the people of certain neighborhoods tend to have limited access to mortgage support, but all of this has changed. NexBank is dedicated to this program as it will continue on for at least five years. Dallas Neighborhood Homes is a nonprofit-mortgage provider that specialize in these services. In this particular city, Habitat For Humanity is the largest nonprofit-home builder. Homeowners also received preparation training during this time.

NexBank also merged with College Savings Bank in 2016. Reducing the cost of coverage for college students was the goal. This progressive collaboration will include up to 529 savings programs. College Savings Bank agreed with NexBank that it will retain its name for operations. In other words, this program is designed to help struggling parents pay for the expensive costs of getting a college educations. NexBank is definitely doing its part to better mankind, but who knows what it has in store for the years to come.

How Michael Burwell Became A Successful CFO… Twice


Being the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of a company is not small accomplishment. CFOs have the primary duties of taking care of the finances of the company, so they need to have a lot of background in financial administration, business management, and must be continually planning for the future and analyzing risks and chances for profit. They have to be aware of the financial reports, the amount the company is allowed to spend, and a lot of data in general. This is the reality of the newest CFO of Willis Towers Watson.


Willis Tower Watson is a prominent and very famous multinational risk consultancy company, and Michael Burwell is the newest Chief Financial Officer of the firm.


As CFO, Michael Burwell has the arduous task of taking care of all the financial aspects of the firm and report them back to the CEO of the company. However, his record of successful jobs and his extensive experience in the field show that Michael Burwell is fit for the job.


Michael Burwell graduated from the Michigan State University and, prior to his occupation in Willis Tower Watson, he had already acquired decades working at Pricewaterhouse Coopers, where he worked in the assurance department and was later nominated to occupy the role of Transaction Services Leader of the company’s transactions in the United States. A couple of months later, he was already being appointed CFO of the company and, in 2008, Chief Operating Officer (COO).


It wouldn’t take that long for Michael Burwell to demonstrate his leadership skills and take the company to the next level. Only four years after assuming the role of COO, he was rewarded with the Vice President position, which he took with responsibility and immense pride.


Michael Burwell’s impressive career and quick climbing in the business world would take him to become the Chief Financial Officer of Willis Tower Watson. The CEO of the company was very eager to work with Burwell, stating that the company was very excited to have him as their CFO because they believe in his skills at business management, finances and his ability to make the right decisions for the future of the corporation.


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Vinod Gupta Is A Self-Made Millionaire Who Supports Women’s Education

Vinod Gupta is a successful businessman who grew up in a small village in India. With very little resources but a big imagination, Vinod Gupta was able to build a complete empire around his innovative spirit. He is the CEO and managing general partner of Everest Group located in Lincoln, Nebraska. He flew to the United States from India with less than $60 dollars in his pocket and is now a self-made multi-millionaire. When he landed in the states, he attended the University of Nebraska Lincoln. He graduated with a Master’s degree in agricultural engineering and business. Having a solid education and set of skills would prepare him for the real world.


Out of college, Vinod Gupta got a got as a marketing research analyst for a mobile home manufacturer called Commodore Corporation. This gave him insight about how the market works, and he took that information to heart. With a bank loan of only $100, Gupta started his own company. He worked tirelessly to grow it from the ground up. Vinod’s hard work and persistence worked out, and his company flourished. It was worth an estimated $680 million dollars at the time he sold it.


Vinod took that capital and invested it into other companies he formed. In his current position, he is currently the Managing General Partner at Everest Group. They help build tech companies with capital and buy other struggling businesses. This business pursuit has turned out to be very lucrative. Vinod has an ability to strike gold as an entrepreneur. He also utilities technology and innovation to fuel his growing ideas.


Gupta is not only an entrepreneur, but also a philanthropist. One of Vinod Gupta’s passions is to invest in Women’s Education. He has helped fund building girl’s schools in India where he lived. He also donated $1 million dollars to The women’s polytechnic school where women can further their educations.


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